Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To: Make a Shrug from a T-Shirt

If you're stopping by from Pinterest, thank you! I've moved blog homes, though, so you can now find the full post over there. Enjoy!




  1. So freakin' cute! I want one!!! Except, I don't sew. :( I'm forwarding it to my BFF who is ohhhh so much more crafty than I!

  2. You have a darling figure! Awesome job and love the hot pink color~

  3. I can totally see you wearing that to dance class. Cute!!

  4. You continue to impress me. Of all my friends, you are the closest one to Martha Stewart! Can you make me a wine rack out of some chop sticks and a box of paper clips? No rush. You have until Christmas. :)

  5. Seriously, is there anything you CAN'T do?

    P.S. May I have the recipe you used when you made your bagels? Thanks!

  6. Susie- Trust me - this is super easy. I know you could do it. BUT if you have someone willing to make one for you, even better. :)

    Frieda - Aw, thanks. Isn't that color great?

    Barb - :) Thanks!

    DB - I'll get right on that. Question: Does it need to be structurally sound? ;)

    Laura - Yes. Play a musical instrument and fly a plane. Other than that, though...
    I'll email you the recipe. :)

  7. Ok you crack me up. Love all the shots with the camera! The color is beautiful. I also saw this on the site and I do need to make me one. Anything to make my flat chest look bigger! So you cook, bake and sew- YOU GO GIRL!

  8. Robin- I found the site when you posted about your new gig over there. :) I do, in fact do all of those things, just generally not all at once. And I sew a LOT less than I used to and would really like to do some more.

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  11. Very cute! I'm linking soon from - thanks a million!

  12. Heather - Thanks for stopping by and linking to the post! I love all of the other ideas on your site, too - very cute!

  13. This is sooo cool. I wish I knew to stich. I would so make one for myself.

  14. Thanks for posting such an in depth tutorial. I'll be making one of these for my 8 year old daughter. She insists on trying to wear her sleeveless summer dresses and snow is starting to fall. Something like this will be perfect transition from summer to winter for her.


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