Monday, May 3, 2010

Lasagna Rolls

If you're stopping by from Pinterest, thank you! I've moved blog homes, though, so you can now find the full post over there. Enjoy!

lasagna roll-vert


  1. Yum! These sound like a must-try! =)

  2. Great post!! You are so lucky to have a photographer.... I laughed when you spoke of your lasanga stumps vs. logs...thanks for the recipe!

  3. I believe I know the place... In South Bend? Can't remember the name for sure-Papa Joe's??? Sounds exactly like it & the food is awesome! David took me.

  4. YUMM! Don't you look cute in your paisley apron... and that Dwight being your cooking photographer, what a guy!

  5. Abby- They're so good-you won't be disappointed.

    Frieda- Thanks! And you're welcome. :)

    Amy- That's the place! It's in Mishawaka. We all need to go sometime! Dwight and I haven't been in years.

    Susie- My mom made me that apron. Isn't it so cute? Yeah, Dwight's pretty great. My hands were all lasagna'd up and he'd just got back from a run. "Grab my camera and take a couple of pictures." And he did. :)

  6. yay!! i saw that you have linked us on your blog and i came here to check out your version of the spinach lasagna rolls. they look gorgeous!! i'm so glad you enjoyed them! aren't they great that it's not messy like the original lasagna? thanks for the link and we'll be back to visit!!
    -krissy @

  7. I tried this recipe for dinner last night and it turned our GREAT!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Loved looking at those pictures.

  8. It's now official. If I ever make a road trip to Michigan I'm calling you up and you're making me dinner LOL. Have had a nice time reading your blog. I feel we are kindred spirits in a way. Thanks!

  9. These were so good and amazingly quick to put together!! My whole family loved them!


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